Top Ten Favorite Posts

Take a look at our all-time, top ten posts and be encouraged that the Lord has been working.

  1. The Feeling – Rachel, a former writer, describes that moment when she realized that the “strange mix of being lonely, of wanting a deep connection with another person, and of desiring to be fully loved” that she associated with being single didn’t just fade after she got married.
  2. A Testimony of Answered Prayer – Emily writes about how the Lord finally answered her prayer for marriage in ways she didn’t expect.
  3. The Marriage Calculator – Amy’s classic post about how we try to fit our stories and desire for marriage into rubrics that can be measured.
  4. A Letter to My Single Self – Former writer, Anne’s cogent wisdom on the things she wished she would have remembered when she was single.
  5. Celibacy – Anne’s second top 10 post from 2011 on practical ways of working out what it means to live as a celibate, obedient, unmarried follower of Jesus.
  6. Power for Powerful Prayer – Former writer, Connally’s post about how we should let our longings, aches, confusion or even hopes fuel for our prayers for new and robust life.
  7. Praying Expectantly – From early 2012, another former writer’s description about what it means to pray boldly, expecting God to move and work.
  8. (Not) Afraid to Hope – Amy’s first post on the FastPray blog from 2011 on what it means to hope in and serve “an all-powerful God who is not bound by time, and whose plans are unchangeable and unimaginable.”
  9. Lies About Lust – Amy and a friend dive into the uncomfortable topic of lust and provide some insight into the lies singles believe about sexuality.
  10. My Plan B is God’s Plan A – Emily’s honest look back over how God unexpectedly used  online dating to introduce her to her boyfriend (now husband).

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