Former Writers

Anne: Anne is an original founder (and current guest writer) of the FastPray blog. She’s married to Mark, and they have a little girl, Ellie, who was born on Valentine’s Day, 2012. In her own words, “God hears and answers when we fast, I’m convinced, and He is working relational redemption through our efforts–so I still want to be a part of fast/pray.”  Her husband was one of the men specifically prayed for by a fast-and-pray-er, and she is sure those prayers for a husband played a direct role in getting them together.

She is a stay at home mom, an avid UVA basketball fan, and currently addicted to Northern Exposure reruns.

Read some of Anne’s posts by clicking here.

Connally: Connally is a one of the original founders of the fast.pray blog and she continues to write periodically as a guest.  She stays involved because she’s convinced that God is using the fast.pray movement for the definite good in many, many lives (her own included)–and for purposes far beyond what any one of us will ever know.

But when she’s not focusing on fast.pray matters, she’s spending time with her friends and family, speaking at gatherings and writing her own blog, working with the US Navigators, playing with nieces, nephews and God-children, volunteering at the food bank, loving her church, serving on the Regent College board, and delighting in chances to be outdoors. particularly in her convertible, coffee in hand.

Read some of Connally’s posts by clicking here.

Kirsten: is a marriage and family therapist out of San Francisco, California. She loves photography, music, and yoga. Kirsten got involved with FastPray because unintentional singleness is an issue that affects many, many people.  At the same time there are precious few places to talk authentically about how it affects our lives, sense of self, identity, purpose, etc.

When she discovered the Fast.Pray blog, she got involved because it provides both a forum to be real about the impact of singleness and a place to actively seek God’s intervention through prayer and fasting.

Feel free to click here to read some of Kirsten’s posts.

Emily: Emily works on staff at a university in the Washington DC metro area. She’s into running, traveling, and reading. (And, she’s newly married.)

In her own words, Emily was involved with FastPray because…

Fellow FastPray writer, Amy and I bonded over our shared angst of singleness, and she introduced me to the FastPray community. Every week, my soul was refreshed. I felt understood. I felt the Lord changing my heart. I felt hope. I began to share this hope with my other single friends, forwarding FastPray posts and letting them know I was praying for them. For some time, I had been praying for a ministry, so when the opportunity came to become a regular writer for FastPray, I knew this was the answer to my prayer. I’ve heard it said that oftentimes where we have been hurt the most is the area where we can minister the most to others, so I’m seeking to use my journey of singleness to share hope
Feel free to click here to read some of Emily’s posts.

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