FastPray History

In August of 2007 five single women, befuddled and broken over the lack of available godly men and our own relationship failures, decided to start fasting and praying.   The problem of unintentional singleness seemed (seems!) so wide-spread, and there aren’t any quick fixes. It’s a God sized problem, so we wanted to petition God more fervently to act.

We decided to start fasting and praying lunch on Mondays for God to change us where we need to be changed; help men pursue, love and commit to women; and give the gift of marriage to us and our friends.  A married friend joined us, and the six of us started reminding each other via email every Sunday of our commitment to fast and pray. Others began to join us, and emails started going out to 75, 100, 300 people by January of 2011, over 500 people had asked to join our list. Some are fasting lunch, some fast all day, some fast something other than food.

We’ve seen God powerfully — in ourselves, in the men we know, and in bringing about many marriages. And, we don’t believe He’s done yet.

By the fall of 2012, four of the five original single ladies were married, and FastPray was passed off to a new leadership team made up of Amy, Emily, Kirsten, and Anna. In 2013, Kirsten, Connally, and Anne stepped back from writing regularly, and we’ve added a new regular, Michelle.



2 Responses to FastPray History

  1. Vanessa says:

    can I join your fast and prayr list?

  2. Loi says:

    Please count me in.

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