Guest Post: Look at Me – It’s Ok

We fast and pray asking for the Lord to bring healing in our times: for men to be bold and to walk in to relationships with women, for women to be soft and willing to be molded by God’s gracious plan in their lives, and for God to give the good gift of marriage to those who desire it.

Recently I went snow tubing with my mom, brother, nephew, and niece.   We had a fantastic time and the kids just loved it!   God never ceases to speak to me in the most random moments and in times when I’m not expecting it – that day was one of those times.   My niece is only 3 years old and because of her age and height, or lack thereof, she wasn’t able to ride down the hill by herself.   She was able to have her own tube but one of us adults had to hold on to her tube as we went down the hill together.   This usually was done by my mom, brother, or myself running, jumping on our own tube, and grabbing her tube while beginning to head down the very long hill.

Every time that I took Lucy down the hill this was how things unfolded: I’d run, jump on my tube so that I was laying on my stomach facing her all while grabbing her tube so we’d be going down together.   As we started out Lucy would be looking around and I could see fear and uncertainty in her little blue eyes. We were going fast in her perspective and she knew that she had no control over the situation. Each time I would say to her, loudly and with confidence, “Lucy, look at me, look here” as soon as she looked at my eyes I’d then say “It’s ok, I’ve got your tube, you’re fine.”   At that moment her face totally changed – it went from fear and uncertainty to a big smile, a bit of a laugh, and complete enjoyment!   We’d get to the bottom of the hill and she’d be laughing and smiling, often saying things like “that was so much fun!” or “we went really fast, I love this!”

This happened a few times until the one time as I was saying “Lucy, look here” God decided to speak. I heard Him say – “Daughter, Lucy is you and you are Me.   So often you look at what’s going on around you, you look at your lack of control and you get scared.   You forget that I’ve got you and that I won’t harm you, that I actually want you to find joy in this.”   WOW – it hit me so hard as He was so right (He always seems to be right…haha).

How often do we go through life and we do exactly what Peter did – we lose our focus. We stop looking to God, who is in control and who has us, and instead we look at all that is swirling around us, all that we think can and will harm us. And as a result we are filled with fear and we start to panic.   A dear friend recently shared with me a picture that depicts Peter’s perspective during this situation. I wanted to share it with you as it helps to remind me to keep my focus on Christ so that I don’t begin to drown, but to also know that when I do lose my focus, Christ is right there saying “Daughter…Look at me! It’s ok!”


Losing our focus is really a lack of trust. You can’t have trust and fear – we get to choose one, not both.   My dear cousin, Mariah, recently released a song called ‘Make Me Whole’ which I’ve come to love. There’s a line in the song which I just can’t get out of my head and it goes along with this concept.   The line is this: ‘When I don’t trust You, You start fading away’. Isn’t that so true – for us and for Peter? When Peter looked away from Jesus, Peter started to sink, and as is depicted in the photo above, Peter’s view of Jesus started to fade.

How often do we, do I, fail to trust God and He starts to fade away, He feels farther away, not as near to me? And how often when that happens do we cry out to God asking Him where He is?   It’s not God who has moved – He’s stayed right where He’s always been, but our lack of trust has prevented us from being able to see and feel Him.

When life feels scary and out of control, when fear and doubt creep in may we agree with the words of Mariah’s song: ‘Chaos and troubles surround me, only to You will I cling!’

Cling to Jesus as He wants you to hear Him saying ‘Daughter (Son), LOOK at me….it’s ok…I’ve got this!’


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6 Responses to Guest Post: Look at Me – It’s Ok

  1. austriagom says:

    Very moving example and photo. Thanks! Where is the photo from? Downloadable? thanks!

    • I’m glad you liked the photo – it’s my desktop background as it’s a needed daily reminder. A friend actually emailed it to me, but if you do a Google search for ‘From Peter’s Perspective’ and then go under the images it’ll be there for you

  2. Alice says:

    Just yesterday I was telling a friend through many tears that I didn’t see how my current situation could possibly be resolved. She told me to cling to Jesus, though he feels so far away. Thank you for the reminder that he’s got this even when I have a hard time trusting him.

    • I’m so glad this post was encouraging to you. Clinging to Jesus can be difficult when life gets hard, but as the song that I shared says “When I don’t trust You, You start fading away”. Another word for trust is cling – keep clinging to Him, He will never let go and He loves you so, so very much!

  3. wjblondie says:

    Perfectly timed post😭
    Earlier our worship leader prayed “when we have a thousand reasons our heart feels to want to walk away; give us a thousand reasons why not to!” And this just added to my love for his word and his community of faith filled believers…. It’s so easy to feel forgotten when we take our eyes off of him. Going on year 12 of a vision and a calling waiting to unfold and still that desire of marriage; the attacks seem to be coming more frequently; but what a sweet sweet reminder to keep our eyes fixed on HIM as he tells us he’s got us!! Beautiful!!!

    • I just love how God pulls together various things in our lives to give us the same message – like He wants to be sure we ‘get it’
      I don’t know what God has you waiting on specifically but He also has had me in a place of waiting for the past 4 years. So often it can feel impossible and like it’ll always be a dream/vision of mine but it’ll never actually happen. But don’t give up – God’s promises are true and He IS faithful – you keep holding on to that and keep your eyes FIXED on Him – listening only to His One Voice!

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