Art Imitating Life

On Mondays at lunch, we fast and pray for women and men to bear the image of God in their unique ways, and for marriage to be given to those who desire it.

Curved with soft curls on the ends as if it was blowing in the wind, the two thin walnut wood sculptures seems to be frozen in a dance. A gallery not far from my house was featuring a collection of wood sculptures by a local pastor and artist. The theme of the collection was marriage, which fell under the heading Bone of My Bones.

One of my favorite pieces was entitled, Love Dares. It featured a rough, large block of wood with a smoothly carved curved piece balanced on the block, but mostly hanging off the one edge – curling away from its foundation. It reminded me that when love has a secure base it is free to take risks and go beyond the bounds of perceived safety, yet always remaining anchored.

I asked the artist, as he was explaining how one exhibit came from a rotten stump, if he started with a vision of what the wood should be or if it formed as he worked on it. He said he rarely starts with a clear vision of what should be, but rather begins with a blind understanding of what is to come. He feels his way through each step, carving, sanding, and chiseling away at the wood until something begins to take shape. He remarked that this process often parallels life, rarely do we have a clear vision of what should be, but find ourselves blindly moving through life taking one step at a time until something begins to unfold.

As one year closes and another one begins, I’m feeling as blind as ever. As my friend and I hiked on January 1st we remarked at how the trail provides a nicely defined path to follow, even has markers along the way, but how life’s journey is rarely so defined. I keep praying for the light to illuminate my way (Psalms 119: 105) and step, but sometimes the light seems very dim and my step unsure. The process for the wood sculptures really resonated with me. Keep working out my faith, allow God to chisel away the ugly parts, sanding me to a smooth finish, and it’s okay for me to be a little blind along the way… the purpose is still unfolding!

A work in progress!


PS: Thank you to those that have submitted possible blog posts! We are compiling the submissions and looking at the schedule for the next several months.


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2 Responses to Art Imitating Life

  1. missschmitt says:

    Thank you for this reminder, Michelle. I so appreciate this blog and this praying community of sisters. Praying together from Cincinnati!

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