A Word From The Writing Team

On Mondays at lunch, we fast and pray for women and men to bear the image of God in their unique ways, and for marriage to be given to those who desire it.

If you’ve been with the fastpray community for a while, you know that our core team of writers has had additions and subtractions over the years due to many factors (some but not all related to answered prayers for marriage!). As we approach the end of 2015, the current team of writers (Amy, Anna, and Michelle) have been doing some behind-the-scenes thinking and praying about the future shape and sustainability of the fastpray blog.  
First, there are many things to be grateful for — not the least you, the faithful readers and commenters of fastpray. There are the hours of prayers on Mondays offered up from various corners of the globe. The encouraging emails and stories of God’s work in lives…and some godly marriages along the way too. 

Second, we want the blog to continue but in a format that is more sustainable for the writing team and which can still provide encouragement and reminders to pray. Far more important than the words posted on the blog are the collective prayers for God to mold our lives that happen each Monday.

Third, we want to hear from the fastpray community in the form of stories and encouragement that could be used in the form of blog posts. This will aid in the sustainability of the blog and also give us an opportunity to hear how God is at work across the fastpray community. 

Our basic guidelines are as follows: 

  • Less than 900 words 
  • Focused on hope (even if gritty and real in the meantime!)
  • Submitted to fastprayblog@gmail.com by December 31

By submitting it, you acknowledge that not all submissions may end up being posted (not sure how this is going to work yet!) and allow for modest editing efforts as necessary 

We would hope to compile the stories and share them throughout the early part of 2016 — we can’t wait to hear what God has been up to in your life!

All the best from the fastpray team — 

Amy, Anna and Michelle

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