Guest Post: Do you REALLY want God’s will?

On Mondays, we fast and pray for lunch (or something other than food) asking for the Lord to bring healing in our times: for men to be bold and to walk in to relationships with women, for women to be soft and willing to be molded by God’s gracious plan in their lives, and for God to give the good gift of marriage to those who desire it.

Today, we have another guest post from our friend Heidi. Enjoy!

I have a question for you – do you want God’s will for your life? No….really….stop, take a few minutes and think about what I just asked you. Do you really want God’s will for your life? If you’re like me, and believe that God is sovereign, trustworthy, and has our best interest in mind, than it should be easy to answer ‘yes’ to this question….right?

I’ve often said that I want God’s will for my life – and I do, I really do. But do we realize what we are possibly saying when we answer that question in the affirmative?

God has brought this question to my mind in the past few weeks during worship at church. We recently sang two songs each with a line of lyrics that jumped off the screen at me and the above question to rose within me. The first song, ‘Hosanna’ has the lyrics,

Come have Your way among us. We welcome You here Lord Jesus.

The second song, ‘Lay Me Down’ has us singing, 

It will be my joy to say, Your will Your way. 

Both of these sets of lyrics refer to God’s will or His way in our lives and both have us proclaiming to God, to our Savior Jesus Christ, that we want His will, we want Him to have His way in our lives.

Both Sunday’s as we sang I felt God saying to medo you really? Do you really want MY will in your life? Theoretically, yes, I love Christ, I serve Him and I trust Him so I want to do His will as He knows best. My head knows that and my head agrees with that. But what about my heart? What about all the things I complain about or question Him on – telling Him those things can’t be His will for my life? I wonder if He ever gets confused by us (ok, I realize God doesn’t get confused but work with me on this one). I wonder if He ever looks at me, or looks at you, and says “Wait, what? You are proclaiming to me that You want My will in your life but then when I do that, when I do what you’ve asked, you question what I’m doing?”

I not only looked at myself when asking this question but also looked at the Christian community in general. I struggle, and I don’t want to place blame on anyone as this is a general observation, but I struggle as I often hear Christians saying they want God’s will or singing lyrics like the ones in the two songs mentioned above. What’s my struggle with that? My struggle is that we proclaim that we want God’s will for our lives but our actions and responses don’t match that proclamation.

The song ‘Lay Me Down’ says ‘It will be my joy to say, Your will Your way’ but how often do we allow difficult circumstances to steal our joy? How often do we hit a trial in life and we start blaming God, questioning His faithfulness, or turning our backs on Him?
(**Disclaimer – it is understandable, when a trial comes, to question God or struggle to find your joy initially – but this should not be where we stay or set up camp).

Do we truly trust God’s sovereignty in ALL things? Or do we only want His will and His way when it matches with my will and my way? (ouch….that one even hurt my toes). When we proclaim that we want God’s will in our lives we must first count the cost. That doesn’t mean we know exactly what it will entail but it is coming to a place of realizing that asking for and desiring God’s will may involve pain, heartache, trials, and some really tough stuff.

I feel like sometimes we think that God’s will for our lives is for us to be happy, to have all the desires of our hearts met, and to have an easy life. I hate to break it to you – but none of those are His will for our lives. His will for our lives is for our sanctification or our holiness. And let me tell you, dear ones, the things that cause us to be sanctified (to be set apart, to be made holy) aren’t typically the fun, easy, or exciting things. More often than not, they are the hard, painful, grievous things.

BUT….it will also result in God’s glory being revealed in ways that you could never imagine. I don’t know about you – but the pain and heartache is worth having God’s glory revealed. That’s not to say that I want the pain or hard times, it’s saying I’m willing to walk through them so that God’s ultimate will is accomplished and His name is glorified. That’s why we’re here – Isaiah 43:7 tells us that God created us for His glory.

If you look at Scripture, or even times you’ve seen God’s glory revealed, it often is after some really hard circumstances. Let’s look at the Bible. Do you remember Abraham and Sarah? It was God’s will, and promise nonetheless, for them to have a son who would be the father of many nations. And He did that – but it was in His timing and His way. I doubt when Abraham and Sarah sang ‘Come have Your way among us’ (which I’m sure was produced during their generation) that they realized they were signing up for the ‘having your first child when all your friends are great-grandparents’ plan. I hope you’ll agree with me though that God’s glory was definitely revealed when Isaac was born. Abraham and Sarah strayed from God’s will for a little while and it resulted in devastation that we are still living in today, but when they allowed God’s will to be fulfilled in their lives miracles happened and God’s glory was revealed!

I challenge you to take some time today and this week to really let this concept sink in and wrestle with it. Do you really want God’s will in your life? Are you really willing to accept the potential cost of His will being fulfilled in your life? Take some time to count the cost. Take some time to evaluate what is most important to you….is it God’s way or your way? It’s an extremely hard question to answer and it needs some processing time but I can promise you that choosing to walk through the potentially hard in order to see God’s glory revealed on earth will be worth it all!

One last disclaimer – this question of ‘do I really want God’s will in my life’ is a question that we answer on a regular and consistent basis, especially when a hard time hits, we will need to revisit this question and once again provide an answer.

Praying that no matter the cost, you choose to trust God and desire His ultimate and sovereign will in your life!

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9 Responses to Guest Post: Do you REALLY want God’s will?

  1. Dave says:

    This is very deep. Even after being a born again Christian for more than 30 years, I still sometimes have to ask myself if ineed I want God’s will to be done in some situations I found myself. Fortunately, the more I prayed about a situation, the more inclined I was to accept and even loved the will ofGod, whatever it turned out to be.
    Just because we walk with God or are spiritual does not mean we are walking in God’s will or will accept it by default. Even our Lord Jesus Christ had to make a conscious decision to be in God’s will:

    My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will Matthew 26:40

  2. Charmaine says:

    Well, then maybe I don’t want God’s will for my life. I’d rather have some happiness in my life rather than a life of struggles and hurts. Maybe I’m not as holy and sanctified as you.

    But the bigger question is also: can we avoid God’s will for our lives? Isn’t it something that we will need to go through – whether we like it or not? So its not so much about whether we WANT his will, but about whether we ACCEPT it and how we adjust to it after that acceptance. Perhaps the acceptance of what God brings us it is what determines how happy or unhappy we are in life.

    • fast. pray. says:

      You’re right that it’s not easy at all to accept God’s will for us when things are difficult and that it does have an impact on our attitudes. Thanks for your input!

    • Dave says:

      Well, then maybe I don’t want God’s will for my life. I’d rather have some happiness in my life rather than a life of struggles and hurts. Maybe I’m not as holy and sanctified as you.

      Big mistake. God is not a child abuser or a sadist who wants unhappiness for His children. God’s will for you will bring you the most happiness and joy. Following your own will is like eating a dollar meal at McDonald’s while God’s will is a sumptuous steak dinner at Ruth’s Steakhouse. There is no comparison. Rebellion against God’s will for our lives (particularly when we know it) will only bring heartaches, loneliness and disappointment. It is a deadend.

      God causes the lonely to dwell in families. He leads prisoners into prosperity, but rebels live on parched land Psalm 68:6

      • Carole says:

        Dave, I assume you’re a guy…please try to understand that many women have deep longings for marriage and children, especially because (unlike men) we have a biological clock that ticks more and more loudly until it is silenced relatively early in the average woman’s life. It is an honest statement for a woman to say she would not wish her singleness or childlessness on anyone else or that she intensely disliked this “will” for her life. The poster above nailed I when saying that it’s more a question of acceptance — it is *not* joyful.

  3. Dan Kehrer says:

    Sorry for sending this back. I meant to send this to someone I believe needs this.



  4. Dan Kehrer says:

    I’m not sure you be interested in this, if not just Del.



  5. Carole says:

    Great post and good food for thought…Especially hard to do God’s will when you look around and perceive (correctly or not) that your own cost is much higher than that of other friends and relatives who’ve been greatly blessed in terms of love and family. (Also, the analogy of Abraham and Sarah is oft-used for singles, but – again – it’s hard to wrap my brain around that one…I can’t look forward to a baby at age 90-plus…I’m post-menopausal and will never have a baby in this lifetime nor for all eternity, so for me it’s very sad and impossible to feel any kind of hope in Sarah’s story). Greatly enjoyed your ideas and your writing.

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