Fast.Pray. Community Survey

Hello fast.pray. community!

Every few months, the current fast.pray. writers get together to pray over the blog and discuss topics we want to share in our weekly posts. We want to include you in our conversation.

As you pray and fast this week, we’d love for you take a few moments to answer the following five questions that will help us as we plan for the next season of fast.pray. If for some reason, the poll questions don’t show up in you email for you subscribers, click the title link above to view the poll on the blog.

Thank you!

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2 Responses to Fast.Pray. Community Survey

  1. Diane Dvirnak says:

    I look forward every Sunday to the posts. I lead a singles group in my city..I.e. Weekly Bible study and weekly activities. I frequently forward the weekly fast and pray to specific guys /gals in my group who I feel the specific post may minister to the specific person. Thank you for the solid information you share and for your purpose.

    • Karis says:

      I would love to connect with people like you, Diane, who are helping other singles. Feeling drawn to do this sort of thing myself but not sure how.

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