The FastPray All-Time Top 10

On Mondays, we fast and pray for lunch (or longer) that God would do three things. We pray that He would make women humble, soft, and receptive to His plans and purposes. We pray that God would embolden men to lead both in relationships and the church. And, finally, we pray that God would give the gift of marriage to those who desire it.

This week we’re doing something a little bit different. We are grateful to have started a new year with all of you, but we wanted to take moment to go back and look over some of the posts that have spoken to us as a community over the years. We’ve had so many great writers, men and women of God who have desired to see Him move in our generation.

Take a look at our all-time, top ten posts and be encouraged that the Lord has been working.

  1. The Feeling – Rachel, a former writer, describes that moment when she realized that the “strange mix of being lonely, of wanting a deep connection with another person, and of desiring to be fully loved” that she associated with being single didn’t just fade after she got married.
  2. A Testimony of Answered Prayer – Emily writes about how the Lord finally answered her prayer for marriage in ways she didn’t expect.
  3. The Marriage Calculator – Amy’s classic post about how we try to fit our stories and desire for marriage into rubrics that can be measured.
  4. A Letter to My Single Self – Former writer, Anne’s cogent wisdom on the things she wished she would have remembered when she was single.
  5. Celibacy – Anne’s second top 10 post from 2011 on practical ways of working out what it means to live as a celibate, obedient, unmarried follower of Jesus.
  6. Power for Powerful Prayer – Former writer, Connally’s post about how we should let our longings, aches, confusion or even hopes fuel for our prayers for new and robust life.
  7. Praying Expectantly – From early 2012, another former writer’s description about what it means to pray boldly, expecting God to move and work.
  8. (Not) Afraid to Hope – Amy’s first post on the FastPray blog from 2011 on what it means to hope in and serve “an all-powerful God who is not bound by time, and whose plans are unchangeable and unimaginable.”
  9. Lies About Lust – Amy and a friend dive into the uncomfortable topic of lust and provide some insight into the lies singles believe about sexuality.
  10. My Plan B is God’s Plan A – Emily’s honest look back over how God unexpectedly used  online dating to introduce her to her boyfriend (now husband).

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or have come along rather recently, we’re so glad that you’re here, praying and fasting with us every week.

Love and prayers from the FastPray Team.

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One Response to The FastPray All-Time Top 10

  1. Dan says:

    I Fast and Pray in Penance for all those I have hurt and or wounded.

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