Trusting God’s Sovereignty

We fast and pray on Mondays at lunch for men, for women and for marriages to those who desire them. This week, our friend Heidi is our guest blogger – many thanks, Heidi, and hope her reflections bring encouragement to each of us. 

I don’t know about you, but while growing up, I often heard people in church talk about God’s sovereignty and trusting in His sovereignty.  I never really understood what that word meant until years later.  I now know the definition of the word: God’s ways are higher than mine; He has supreme rule and authority over my life.   But just because I now know the definition doesn’t mean that I fully trust in this aspect of who God is.

As Christians, I feel like we often whip out these “Christianese” terms to make people feel better or to give a solution for an issue, but when it comes to our own lives we struggle to trust in those aspects of who God is.  There’s a recent song entitled ‘Sovereign Over Us’ by Michael W Smith that speaks to this.  (If you haven’t heard this song, I recommend you stop right now and take a listen before reading on.)

I’ve come to love and hate this song.  I love it because I know it’s true; it speaks into the very depths of who God is and an aspect of His relationship with us.  I hate it because singing it or agreeing with the lyrics indicates that I fully trust God’s authority and rule over my life – no matter what comes in my life.   And honestly, I really struggle to trust Him when things hurt, don’t make sense, and are a struggle.  My human brain often can’t wrap around the fact that God loves me and is sovereign even when life isn’t handing me the greatest cards.  I know the truth in my head, but getting it to resonate in my heart is harder.

The lyrics to this song cause me to ask some questions of myself – feel free to ask yourself the same ones:

  • Do I truly find strength in Him during my times of sorrow?
  • Do I allow His love to cast out my fear?
  • Do I allow God to meet me in my mourning, or do I instead blame Him, get angry at Him or push Him away?
  • He’s teaching me to trust – am I teachable?
  • Can I sing the chorus with my whole heart and soul, trusting that He really does have amazing plans for my life?


Your plans are still to prosper
You have not forgotten us
You’re with us in the fire and the flood
You’re faithful forever
Perfect in love
You are sovereign over us.

Do we really believe the words to this song?  Maybe you’re in a really great place right now and it’s easy for you to say ‘Of course, yes, I absolutely believe and trust the words to this song.’ – That’s great!

But when you’re not in such a great place?  When you’re turning 30, 40, or 60 years old and still single?  When someone close to you dies?   When you are jobless and struggling to make ends meet?   Here’s a painful one – when the person you’ve been dating (and are looking to marry) breaks up with you?  What then?  Do you still believe in the depths of your soul that God is sovereign?  Do you truly choose to trust Him in those moments?

That’s my desire – to trust Him and His sovereignty, no matter the situation or circumstance.  Notice I said it’s my ‘desire’ – I’m not perfect and there are times I fail to truly trust Him and His sovereignty but I want to be able to do so.  To that end, sometimes we need to ask Him to cause us to trust Him and make us believe in His sovereignty.  Often when the pain comes, we don’t have it in ourselves trust Him, but we can ask Him to do it for us.

I remember a time about a year ago when I experienced one of those ‘punched in the gut’ moments.  The pain just washed over me, the questions swarmed in my head, and none of it made sense in my little feeble mind.  I very vividly remember texting a few close friends and asking them to pray for me. I also asked them not to call, as I knew I needed to spend time with my Father as I processed the pain.  I sat on my bed in a mess of tears and confusion, I yelled out to my Daddy: ‘Lord – make me trust You, remind me that it’s ok.  Remind me that I can trust You, tell me it’ll be ok.’   And yes – I yelled it. I was almost demanding it of God because my desire was to trust Him, but in that moment I had no ability to bring that trust forth in the midst of the pain.

May we trust His sovereignty this week.  May we be able to sing this song with all of our heart and soul and believe every word of the lyrics.  And when the pain buries our ability to trust, may we cry out to God by begging Him to provide for us what we can’t provide for ourselves.

Friends – God loves you so very, very much.  His desire for your life is to bring good out of the bad; we must learn to trust Him and His sovereignty over our lives.

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6 Responses to Trusting God’s Sovereignty

  1. Lady says:

    For me the operation of this trust on a deeper level rather than just mental, is hard because it seems like I’m constantly waiting for something to happen, for God to DO something before I see the fruit of his love for me. When in the midst of struggles, its not easy to see God’s Sovereignty and compassion but we wait with faith that the deliverance will come that things will get better etc.

    What if things never get better? That’s the hard part. There’s no guarantee that things will get better, eg that the loneliness will ever go away. And yet we are supposed to keep hoping in the Lord and finding our contentment in the Cross. When you’re 60 and alone, after having been alone all your life and never having married, its really really hard to see that God’s plan for our lives was for our good.

  2. M says:

    God works things out for HIS glory first and foremost. The line from the song you quoted, “Your plans are still to prosper” should not be mistaken to create the expectation that we will prosper but that HIS plans will prevail for HIS glory.

    • Lady says:

      That’s the hardest part, isn’t it? That we are never promised that we will be delivered from our struggles no matter how much we pray and trust Him, but we can be sure that God’s glory will always prevail.

      And at least for me, relief from my personal struggles is often what I desire most.

      • feeling full says:

        Lady, I don’t know your story but felt compelled to comment, that I, at 31 and unmarried, related to the words you shared. Seeing the good that God is working because he promised to work it is hard when I just see the good that I want and don’t have! I’ve prayed lately for him to change what I see as good to maybe even include the struggle. Not to throw a book at you, but Elisabeth Elliot’s The Path of Loneliness has skewered me and comforted me and frustrated me and helped me, sometimes all at once.

  3. Sheila says:

    Thank you, Heidi. This is truly where a lot of the struggle lies… accepting God’s sovereignty and trust is really what it’s about. I pray often that I cam just see how great and how good God is on a daily basis and focus on that vs singleness.

  4. karenfenimore says:

    thanks so much. good timing…God’s timing. I’m struggling right now, and your email arrived.


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