Where’s the horse?

School is back in session, football is taking over the airways, and FastPray is once again filling your inbox. During the August hiatus the FastPray writers gathered to discuss the blog, life, and the finer art of eating stuff from Trader Joe’s. We feel rejuvenated and excited about our collective return to fasting and praying on Mondays.

This is the last post I will write as a 30-something; that’s right kids I’m turning 40. There are so many things to be thankful for these days, not the least of which is the timeless aspect of being childless. Obviously if I had a teenager in tow people would know I’m not under 30. On a recent flight from Colorado my seat-mate asked me if I was still in college; I smiled inside and out and broke the news about my real age. In my 39 11/12 years of existence I’ve learned that life has a lot to do with perspective and hope.

You may have heard the story made popular by Ronald Reagan (yes, I’m making an 80’s reference which dates me) about twin boys of 5 or 6 with diametrically opposing perspectives. The parents were concerned about their sons’ extreme dispositions, so they took them to a psychiatrist.

The pessimistic boy was put in a room filled to the ceiling with brand new toys. He entered the room and began crying because he was afraid he would break the toys. The optimistic boy was escorted into another room piled to the ceiling with horse manure. The boy entered and let out a yelp of excitement. When asked why he was excited, he exclaimed “With all of this manure, there has to be a horse in here somewhere!”

The reality of turning 40 and being single does not bode well for marriage prospects, statistically speaking, but here is where hope comes in to play. I don’t place my hope in marriage though, no my hope is in a Savior that loves me and has a plan for me. Cliché? Not for me! While the expectations of my 20-year-old self are a chasm apart from the 40-year-old reality, I could have never planned what HAS filled my life. See, it’s hope in a loving Savior that propels me forward to experience life to its fullest.

I’m not bragging here, but there is fullness of life to be had as a single adult. I’ve floated in the Dead Sea, walked around the rim of a volcano in Indonesia, volunteered for extended periods of time in France and Switzerland, spoiled (and continue to spoil) my niece and 6 nephews with fun adventures, ate Tim Tams for dinner one time, and attended countless Broadway shows, sports games, and cultural events. There is so much life out there to experience and it doesn’t have to wait for a ring on your finger! What does an abundantly filled life look like for you? I’m not saying it needs to be filled with travel and events to be abundant (so First World), but are you living with hope and a perspective to find joy in a room filled with toys or manure?

My prayer this Monday is for a perspective on life to keep us thankful and for a hope in a Savior to continue to propel us forward! Jesus is calling you to LIVE!

I borrowed the picture below from this site (John 10:10)…


Bring on abundant life!

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13 Responses to Where’s the horse?

  1. Gina says:

    I needed that too! Thanks, Michelle! And have a happy birthday!

  2. Beth says:

    Dear Michelle, I just want to thank you for your God-centred perspective. I needed that. bests, Beth

    • Michelle says:

      You’re welcome Beth! Sometime I need to do a daily perspective-check. Thankful for God’s loving reminders to turn the thoughts around.


  3. Dale says:

    I loved the reminder that our hope is in Jesus, not a marriage! I have also been taking steps to enjoy my life right now. Thanks for the post.

  4. Heather says:

    Yes, there is much to be thankful for! Thanks for the timely reminder, well written as always!

  5. Diane Dvirnak says:

    Hi Michele,
    I am hours away from leaving for NYC for 6 days of fun and site seeing and of course a Broadway Play! Reconnecting with an old friend..and listening to what God would have me minister to she and her family! In the last week The Lord has really spoken to me about much the same. Being thankful for where HE has me and not trying to manipulate it in any way. As Paul teaches us to be content where we are planted…and linking that with Eve’s discontent with what God had given her…and she messed it up for all of us to come after her. We need to rejoice in His perfect will for us and know that “Father truely knows best” for each and everyone of us! Blessings in you new decade!

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Diane! I hope you have (had) an amazing trip in NYC making memories and living life to its fullest! Good reminder to not try to manipulate situations. You’re right it didn’t work out so well for Eve or the countless daughters after her.


  6. Lynn says:

    Happy birthday and welcome to club 40. This is a good post. After a recent breakup I was feeling pretty down. Despite the evidence that ending the relationship was best, I pined for it — like the Israelites pined for slavery in Egypt. I told myself that dating him – though much less than what I wanted in a relationship – was better than being alone. After praying through those feelings, it occurred to me that I needed/wanted a fuller life — not a mediocre relationship. I still want very much to be married and will begin fasting and praying with your group next week — but moving forward my time and efforts will be directed toward living a fuller life – not holding on to a relationship.

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Lynn! I just may keep my membership to club 40 a secret (while I still can):-). Someone once told me “Anyone can get married, just go to Walmart and you’ll see evidence, but you don’t want just any marriage.” She is right! “Any” relationship won’t do; I want one that leads to an abundant, fuller, faith-filled life of adventure with Jesus. I’ll be praying for you as redirect your time and efforts towards living a fuller life!


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