Through the Ages

[Monday lunch: fast and pray for men to be godly and courageous, women to be softened in God’s hand, and marriages for those who desire it]

There I was 17 and a senior in high school pushing a stroller through the mall. Like the other mall walkers/shoppers that day, you are probably wondering if the baby in the stroller is mine. They would approach with comments like “Your baby is so cute!” I would try to explain that the cute baby was actually my sister, but many weren’t buying it. Sometimes I’d just say thank you because it was easier. Now, if anyone thinks I’m her mother, I’m devastated and quickly explain that we are sisters. I’m waiting for the day when someone asks, “Which one is older?”

As my sister climbs further into her twenties and her friends begin marrying, having children, and buying houses, I’m glad that I can provide a little perspective from a few years ahead.

– When a girlfriend marries, give her about a year before she resurfaces. In my experience, friends have needed about a year to settle in to their marriage. Deuteronomy 24:5 gives men permission to stay home with their wives for one year after marriage before going to war or having any duty laid on him. There might be more to this year to settle thing.

– There is no formula for finding love. People will be happy to give you advice for how to “fix” your singleness, but those same people each have a unique story and so will you.

– Love God with all of your heart. He is the only one that will fill your heart’s desires.

– Embrace all that life has to offer. Don’t wait to live until you get married.

– Avoid the temptation to sacrifice your standards for the lure of a relationship.

– When you are in a relationship, allow others to be a part of it. Their perspective will help you make sure you are in a healthy relationship. Besides accountability is key to avoiding sexual temptations before marriage.

– If you find yourself single long past your expected marriage timeline… it will be OKAY!

Perhaps you don’t have a sister nearly half your age, but those of you that are a little further down life’s road have the opportunity to be an encouragement to those in their twenties that are wrestling with some of the same questions you did (and maybe still do). Titus 2:3-5 reminds us to be involved in the lives of those younger than us by being an example and learning from those that are older than us. After all we are in this together!

Fellow traveler,

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