Praying for Questions (and Answers)

A bit of a misunderstanding caused our usual Sunday evening blog post to be delayed 24 hours.  My apologies. I hope that you were able to fast and pray today, ideally with a sister in Christ, for our usual list: that God would 1) raise up men and grow them in His love and image, 2) soften and shape women by His love and into His image, and 3) create marriages, even out of thin air, for those who desire it.

A brief snippet for today – a friend (who was 38 when she got married) recently encouraged me with her own journey through singleness, and I thought some of her words would be good reminders for all of us.

Keep fighting for truth. She said she developed mental habits in singleness to fight off the enemy’s lies about her identity, her femininity, her future and her heart’s desires.  And those habits have continued to be priceless gear for spiritual battles.  Learning to fight for truth and to toss Satan’s accusations back into the trash bin is a lifelong journey of faith.  She encouraged me with Isaiah 54:17.

See the broader horizon. The struggles of singleness revolve around the core heart issues for women in all stages of life: loneliness, identity, comparison/envy, faith in God’s character.  Getting married will not lessen this fight to see and trust God’s faithfulness.  Hearing the stories of our married friends or couples struggling with infertility or widows or tired moms of young children can remind us that there is no perfect “I’ve arrived!” stage of life.  We need to hear their stories, and they need to hear ours.  Don’t let shame stop us from giving and receiving from our sisters in Christ.

Ask God what questions I should be asking. I hadn’t heard anyone give this advice before but she said that she started asking the Lord what questions she should be praying.  I’m sure this looks different for everyone.  I think it might be a good starting place for letting the Lord set our priorities on how to approach all of these topics.

Praying with and for you,


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3 Responses to Praying for Questions (and Answers)

  1. amy says:

    so true! and i love that song too!

  2. sheila tatten says:

    Hi Amy, Thanks for the encouraging note! When you said your friend said to ask God what questions to be asking, what do you mean? Thank you! Sheila


  3. Rebekah says:

    Thanks for these suggestions, Amy! Over the weekend of the 4th, I had two weddings to attend. Usually, I’m alright, but this time, I burst into tears…and they weren’t tears of joy (although I am very happy and grateful to God for His provision in both ladies’ lives). On my drive home from the first wedding, as I prayed and cried some more, I sang Ginny Owens “If You Want Me To.” That fits with what you shared here since no matter what point we’re at on the journey, there’s something that breaks us, leaves us vulnerable and tempts us to despair, or pushes us to dig deeper about who we are, who God is, and what it means to live this life.

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