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Redefining Thankfulness

A reminder that tomorrow we will commit to praying and fasting for God to bring marriage to those of us who desire it, to strengthen both men and women in their personal and relational lives, and to bring change within … Continue reading

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Live in Freedom. Take Heart.

Reminder: On Mondays, we’re fasting and praying. We’re asking God to move and bring about marriage for those who desire it. In our prayers, we praying for God embolden men to be leaders: in churches, homes, and relationships. We are … Continue reading

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Eternal Perspective

Reminder:  We are fasting and praying through lunch on Monday for the Lord to bring men and women into relationship with Him, for men to become leaders in the church and in relationships, for us to see and change in … Continue reading

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Pride & Paradox

On Mondays we fast and pray for 1) women to see where they need to change and to change, 2) men to be Spirit-led leaders, and 3) marriages for those who desire to be married. If there were an Amy-version … Continue reading

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