Confronted with My Need

Welcome back from our August vacation!  This is easing back into our weekly habit of fasting and praying for 1) marriages for those who desire them, 2) men to lead relationally and otherwise, and 3) women to see where we need to change and be willing to do so.  If you have Labor Day picnic plans, celebrate with everyone and join us next week.

I know I agreed to write the post for this week, but I admit to not being in a great place.  I’ve been thinking about the need for me to see where I need to change and be willing to do so.  And I’ve been learning repeatedly that I often don’t want to see those places or want to change!  My heart is deceptive and I weave my own plans for my life, unconsciously or not, because I think I know better than His good and gracious ways.

Of course it never works out, and I then find myself feeling far from my heavenly Father’s voice and eyes and presence.  I have not made listening to Him a priority but suddenly see again how much I need Him and His forgiveness.  I recognize again that my central need is not a date for Friday night, or surviving this busy season at work, or losing ten pounds before my cousin’s wedding.  My central need is to be transformed by the truth of the gospel.

As we start another season of walking this fastpray blog path, it is clear that this journey is not centrally about singleness or the (as-of-yet) unmet desire for marriages and families.  This area of unmet desire is simply the stage on which our heart’s true desires are played out, and our heart reality is often selfish, angry, proud, resentful, lustful, controlling and unforgiving (to name a few!).  For me, seeing more of my sinful heart pushes me back to the One who came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10).

But turning to Him also shows me that He is the faithful One who sees everything, loves unconditionally, forgives graciously, redeems my life, paid the final price for my sin, hears my prayers, knows my heart, designed me for a purpose, has good plans for me, and will make all things right on the last day.  He is worthy of our trust – regardless of circumstances.  I look forward to Him working in our hearts this fall and beyond.  In the words of I Thess 5:24 puts it: He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.

By His Grace,


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9 Responses to Confronted with My Need

  1. annaimagines says:

    ” I recognize again that my central need is not a date for Friday night, or surviving this busy season at work, or losing ten pounds before my cousin’s wedding. My central need is to be transformed by the truth of the gospel.” Thank you for this awesome reminder. Its true we can get so focused on the concerns of here and now, when really do these things really matter in eternity?

  2. Kirsten says:

    Amy, thanks for your beautiful words. A wonderful way to begin anew our journey together.
    – Kirsten

  3. Laura says:

    thanks for leading us on this journey! I am excited to get started! 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    Amy – This morning as I was preparing for a Labor Day party with family, I allowed the enemy to take over my heart with sadness. . .then I opened up my email to your post. As always with our Lord, He gives me what I need when I need it.

    Thank you Amy for being an instrument of His today!!
    fast.pray fast.pray fast.pray

  5. Sol says:

    I have been reading the blog since last year, it has been for me such a huge blessing, I’m the only single at church and not having others to talk about my needs sometimes makes me feel very sad and out of the “system”, I wait for this blog every Sunday, I have received a lot of encourage, I love last blog from those who are married now and I really would love if they can write more frequently with words of hope and encourage too, I’m a youth worker and I see teens all the time worry about things that they don’t see it will happen but we as leaders adults now see them because we have been there before the same way I don’t have any place to share my singleness and I have found here a place where there are others can help and support each other and for those who are married now please tell us more now that u are in the other side what u will have done different to not feel so anxious sometimes.

  6. Kristen Joy says:

    What a great post. It reminds me that unmet desire is universal for everyone who is waiting for Christ to return.

    • Kristen Joy says:

      And, by the way, I found this blog in February and started praying with you all on Mondays. Two weeks ago I became engaged! It’s an amazing story of God’s goodness and grace. And, the thing is, I know that I could absolutely trust in God’s goodness just as much even if I weren’t engaged. That is something that many people (including you ladies and singles at my church) have showed me.

  7. Rhea says:

    Thanks for your wonderfully honest post. Ionsie some new light and encouragement on my own life. Looking forward to an enriching fast.pray Autumn.

  8. fast. pray. says:

    Yep. Amy, I’m so with you.

    ❤ Anna

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