The Calling for Those Who Wait

We are fasting and praying again this Monday for God to work change in us, work change in men, and give the gift of marriage.

One of the blogs I follow is Sara Hagerty’s Every Bitter Thing is Sweet.  I love her heart for God, her honest grapplings with the struggles of life, and her amazing story of adopting 4 children: 2 from Ethiopia and 2 from Uganda.  She knows the pain of wondering when or if the expected next chapter of life (whether that is marriage or motherhood or a new career) will start.

Friday a guest blogger on Sara’s site, Judy Lewis, posted her story of grappling with the confusion and disappointment of prolonged singleness.  It was a great post, and encouraging in particular for those for whom Mother’s Day is hard. So, I wanted to link our blog with Every Bitter Thing is Sweet this Sunday. Enjoy!

As the years without a husband and children continued to beat by, I ached. At 35, I raged.  Come 40, I just got sad. Tick, tock, tick, tock—the rhythm of timeescorted me further from a woman’s greatest calling. Wasn’t I created to be a husband’s helper? A child’s shelter? Who would I help and shelter alone in my apartment?

In church I noticed that the key efforts centered around moms with school-age children and married couples. Most sermons and Sunday school classes paid detailed attention to these partial demographics. I felt left out. And I felt confused.

In my span of girlfriends young and old, I began to wonder about a woman’s “helpfulness”. My mom friends, especially with young children, did not seem to be relishing their “greatest calling.” And my widow and older friends were no longer in the 24/7 helper role. What’s wrong with this picture? I asked.

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3 Responses to The Calling for Those Who Wait

  1. I loved testimony! Thank you Judy and thanks for sharing it Connally! So encouraged! I can relate to your story in many ways. I grew up with an expectation of marrying young, assisting in church planting or missions work and having lots of kids. Turning 30 this year, life hasn’t turned out quite that way. In the meantime, I’ve been involved in full time ministry through my 20s and finished an M.Div. last year. I loved your words on what women are adding to the dialogue on Scripture in this time, and was encouraged to know that I can be a part of that dialogue. I also loved that you gave back the term “helpmeet” to all women, married, single, empty-nesting or “quiver full” in a real way!

    I feel led by the Lord to “wait” in hope for a future husband and children, but want to be more and more contented and filled with Him today regardless of my circumstances or relationship status! And singleness is proving to be a fertile field for spiritual growth, though it might be endured rather than embraced on some days! 🙂

    Blessings, Judy, in your new marriage and motherhood! I know you must face many new joys and challenges in that venture!

  2. judynelson says:

    Thank you for sharing my note with the fast.pray readers! Thanks to Connally, I think I was one of the very first subscribers to you email list and I still enjoy it every week. Grateful for this community.

    • fast. pray. says:

      Actually, Anne posted it! I didn’t know that she was going to post it, and so it was a treat for me to read your post. Really cool! Blessings girl in this next phase.

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