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Returning to Imagination

A reminder that tomorrow we will commit to praying and fasting for God to bring marriage to those of us who desire it, to strengthen both men and women in their personal and relational lives, and to bring change within … Continue reading

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Love That Won’t Let Go

[Fasting and praying on Mondays for God to show up and surprise us by giving the gift of marriage to those who desire it, showing us where we need to change, and empowering men to live into their God-given purpose … Continue reading

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His Eyes are Everywhere

This is your reminder that we are fasting and praying during what would be Monday lunch for 1) marriages for those are who designed for it, and for 2) the courage to become, including relationally, the men and women God … Continue reading

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Looking Deeper & Finding Courage

Dear Fast Pray-ers, A reminder:  we are praying for marriage for those who are designed for it and courage for men and women to become all of who God has created us to be.  And as we pray, perhaps consider…. … Continue reading

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