Laboring Together (starting September 12th)

Dear Praying and Fasting Friends,

I hope your August was good.  For me, summer is never long enough; I love flip flops, sunshine, and crickets at night.  Simultaneously, I am really glad to getting back to fasting and praying with everyone.  It is a strange, unexpected joy to do this whole fast.pray thing together.  Who would figure that practicing spiritual disciplines with 450 other people around this topic of marriage and God’s purposes could be so incredibly life-giving?  But it has been for me and for so many others as well.  Even during our month off, we’ve had about 15 or 20 new folks join with us.

So, in keeping with the Labor Day theme, this e-mail is a reminder that we are laboring together for something of value:   God’s purposes for men and women, including marriage, to be realized in the context of a culture that is careening in some wacky directions relationally and sexually.  This is the fruit we are laboring together to bear:  new life–showing up in renewed hearts, in new marriages, and in life-giving families and communities.  And we want our triune God to get the credit.

I hope you enjoy relaxing on your Labor Day this coming Monday (this of course will make more sense if you are in the States–we know that many of you are not, in which case we simply hope for you a good day!).  We’ll look forward to joining with you on September 12 in this work for His purposes–in our lives and in those of the women and men who are our friends and those we love.

Blessings on Your Week,


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11 Responses to Laboring Together (starting September 12th)

  1. Gina says:

    Thanks for the suggestions about what to fast from — I finally came up with something. Appreciate your getting my creative juices flowing! 🙂

  2. Daniela says:

    Oh how I wished lately I would be 27 again! LOL! I’m 39 fast approaching 40…

  3. Megan says:

    Oh and I just wanted to say I’m 27 too! Lol! 🙂

  4. Megan says:

    Hi Katy,

    Just curious, what younger group did your church put singles in? I was reading a blog, called Unlocking Femininity, and she did mention singles groups in churches. It was called “Do I have the singleness cooties?” It was really good- here’s the link:

    Somehow the Lord brought me to this blog, and I’m thankful that He did. You all seem to be very like-minded, what a blessing! I have been wanting to fast and grow closer to the Lord, and it’s so awesome that there are others out there I can actually join in doing this!

    • katy says:

      Thanks Megan! I love that blog. And when I read it last week, it came at the perfect time… I had just asked a friend if the married with babies people at church thought singleness was contagious? (and even if they did, is it so bad? I dont love being single but there are certainly good days and bad days, like marriage… I wouldn’t look at my life and say its awful!) then I saw that article and it made me smile.

      THe group started is not a singleness class…I wish it was! I am not offended by being called single. The group that was started was for just out of college kids (married or single, no babies) and we were kindof pushed into it under the assumption that we belonged more with 22 year olds than we do with people our own age who have babies…getting kicked out suggested to us singles that we were less grown up due to having no kids or husband.

      I asked one of the ringleaders of this idea why we were being sent to the new class and he said that some groups aren’t going to fit into black and white, the mid to late 20s singles…I disagree.. 27 is the average age of marriage so how am I “a gray area”, abnormal….frustrating, but I am praying that the new class is a situation the Lord redeems. You never know, maybe it will be where I meet my husband 🙂 or meet new friends. or learn a lot from the leader.

      anyways sorry, that was a long answer to your question! Glad you are joining us in prayer and fasting. I am headed to bed now and will include you in my bedtime prayers. You might like this testimonial story from our local christians magazine…

      • Megan says:

        How funny that we’re reading the same blogs, lol. I’ll keep you in my prayers also. I can definitely understand your frustration with the church group situation, and I hope that it all turns out for the best as you said. 🙂

      • Gina says:

        Ugh, I hate that sort of thing. It infantilizes the young adults in the church. Some of us in my church are currently dealing with the fallout of such infantilization, so this is a particular sore spot for me right now. I feel your pain, Katy!

  5. Katy says:

    Excited to start back up. For some reason, I am feeling very hopeful for this year…for myself, my friends, and those in this group. The summer has been disspointing with a relationship not working out, a younger sibling having a baby, and the singles at my church being kicked to the “younger’ class (ouch, it stinks being told that at 27, you arent an adult because you havent met certain goals! its not true but it still hurt a lot of people!)

    And yet, I find myself hopeful. I trust the Lord redeems rough situations and when life seems like life is not improving or changing, thats when he has a history of stepping in. Can’t wait to see what the fall brings. Praying in anticipation for all of us!

    Gina, maybe give up facebook or tv or a certain type of food or beverage — like no coffee that day or no sweats or carbohydrates..

  6. strawberrydolphins says:

    I am new on fast.pray and i must say this is a community i have been looking for for a while and fits me to a t. my prayer is that my sisters, girl friends and I get to experience rewarding relatiosnhips that will lead to holy matrimony according to God’s will.

    thanks fast.pray team

  7. Gina says:

    I’m so glad this is back!!

    May I ask for your advice? I can’t fast from food these days for health reasons. And I’m already fasting from music one day a week, for another ongoing prayer request that I have. I can’t fast from reading because I have to do a lot of that for my job. I’m running out of ideas here. 🙂 Any suggestions as to some other kind of fast I can do? Thanks!!

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