Bye Bye Feris Wheel…

This is your reminder that we are fasting and praying during what would be lunch on Monday (but as Monday is the 4th of July, maybe Tuesday?!) for God to restore his image in women and men alike and to draw all of us who so desire (or maybe should desire!) into healthy, life-giving marriages.  As you pray and fast, you might reflect on Sue’s words below….

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how feeble my heart is, how it gets easily addicted to whatever comes along. Despite many Weight Watchers meetings over the past few years, sometimes I really think that a handful of chocolate chips is what I need to satisfy my boredom and loneliness. When food fails to quench my restless spirit, I’ll reign in that desire, and turn instead to the internet. Surely, Facebook, Twitter and eHarmony will do the trick. Next up, caffeine, romantic comedies, or any number of other distractions. It’s like a giant Ferris wheel at the amusement park, but instead of being staffed by some bored teenager, it’s staffed by the enemy of my soul, promising satisfaction in each car. I happily jump into whichever one is available when the Ferris wheel stops.

When, O feeble heart, when will you turn to what really satisfies? When I’m feeling lonely or unloved or bored, why don’t I pray, and ask the God of the universe, who created my soul, to fill it up with what it truly needs, reminders of His love and goodness and provision?

Part of why we fast on Mondays is to become more aware of the rides we take on these Ferris wheels. In John 6:68, Peter says to Jesus, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” But instead we settle for a trip in a complete circle, with a Slurpee in one hand and pink cotton candy in the other. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to give us a taste of what really satisfies. Several years of weekly fasting have helped me be sensitive to His leading in this area.

Recently, I had a moment of awe at the keys of my shiny MacBook…I’d been emailing with Connally, and we figured out we had some single men in common that we’ve been praying for on Mondays. She and I know them from different times and places, but we both have been lifting them to the Lord as we fast and pray. It might have seemed like a “coincidence” if I didn’t believe God was leading us each to pray for them. I closed my computer, and had a moment of sweet communion with the Holy Spirit. I was overjoyed at what God is doing as we fast and pray together Monday by Monday. We’re building a worldwide sisterhood of women who “get” and care about the reality in which so many of us live, and we’re joining in the work of the Kingdom by asking God to move in the hearts of the men of our generation. Mostly, I was humbled by what God is doing in my own heart, by asking me to surrender my petty desires and let Him fill me up. He hears my prayers (and yours), and whispers sweet answers to me (and you). Regardless of whether I ever get married, God wants ALL of ME, and I give it to Him little by little as I fast each week.

Thank you for your part in this worldwide community. Blessings on you as you fast and pray today.

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11 Responses to Bye Bye Feris Wheel…

  1. smvernalis says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Jina! Hope we’re contributing to your deepening walk with God. Thanks for reading!

  2. Jina Gentleman says:

    You couldn’t have said it more beautifully!! I so cherish your dedication to this website and the fast and prayer Mondays. It has truly been a blessing to my life!

  3. smvernalis says:

    Oh, I hear you! I think of how a baby or young child gets when they’re hungry. They want food NOW, and there’s no distracting them otherwise. My soul, and it sounds like yours, too, are the same way, we need something to fill us, and we’ll take whatever’s around. Ugh. Fortunately, God will meet us and fill us up, no matter how many times we choose something other than Him.
    Press on!

  4. Vimbiso says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post! I reflected exactly where I am today. Sometimes I feel as though I sit back and watch myself doing all these things which I know will never satisy but in that moment when my soul is desperate – they are just so much easier than seeking God. Whom I know will satisfy my soul infinitely more than anything because He has in the times I have chosen to seek Him. But at that moment I want escape and I want it fast. So I sadly think to myself if I could stop doing this how amazing would my relationship with God be – how much more amazing would my life be? Because at the times I have sought Him I have been amazed. So why oh why wont my silly soul stay there?!

  5. Kirsten Harnett says:

    This is so beautiful and deeply resonates with me and my own experience. Thank you for sharing your heart and reminding us of where true fulfillment and identity lie.

    • smvernalis says:

      Thanks, Kirsten–

      Glad you connected with my thoughts. I’m a SLOW learner when it comes to seeing that only the Lord can truly meet my needs, not the stuff of this earth.

  6. anonymous_lady says:

    Thanks for the encouragement yet again. I had a request for a Monday topic (can we make requests?) During my prayers and fasting on Mondays, I have been struggling with guilt for past mistakes in relationships– physical, emotional, etc. I think its easy to think that even if I meet a great guy that I have given too much of my heart away….or that he would have given too much of his heart away…

    do you have any advice on dealing with this guilt and worry? Relying on God’s grace and forgiveness, not our ability to fix things, seems a lot harder said than done.

    thanks again for your weekly encouragement.

    • fast. pray. says:

      yes–that’s a great topic! we’ll look at that for this fall!

    • fast. pray. says:

      p.s. a book you might read sometime is “sex and the soul of a woman” by paula rinehart. it addresses this….so does the chapter “getting it” my book, “revelations of a single woman: loving the life i didn’t expect.” this might be a good starting place.

  7. awesome..God help me get off the Feris wheel…:)

    • smvernalis says:

      Thanks, Lalitha! Appreciate your comment. Recently, I said to an older woman that everything I know about men I learned late and the hard way! She laughed, and said, “That’s true for everyone!” Seems the same is true for the things we reach to when we’re lonely…we learn late and the hard way that they don’t work!

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