So, tomorrow we are at it again (by the way, we do get to take August off, so keep hanging in there!):  we are praying & fasting during what would be Monday lunch for men and women to be changed into the image of Christ and to be drawn into healthy, God-honoring marriages.  There are so many folks doing this–almost 400 active subscribers plus random others–and so I hope that it’s encouraging to know that you are not alone in this prayer endeavor.

Actually, just this past week, about 25 women from the DC area informally gathered together to pray about these three things:

  1. Daily hope in the Journey of faith, especially in light of our big Hope (a King who will one day return and bring with him a new heavens and a new earth).
  2. More men to join in this Journey of faith.
  3. Loving partnerships, including in marriage, between men and women on the Journey.

It was so encouraging to me to see mostly 20 & 30-something women from a handful of churches in the area–a few of us simply invited a few of our friends–mingling and then praying together.  There were a lot of different stories represented in that room, but the bottom line was that each woman there believed that the above things were worth praying about.  There were a few words about the history of the fast.pray movement–how 4 years ago we started an e-mail among 3 of us, and now it’s this international blog.  We talked about how fast.pray started initially with a focus on praying for marriages, and then we began to see the need for more men to come to faith, and how this past spring, we’ve seen that our courage needs to be grounded in something beyond how our lives look or feel relative to our ideals:  it needs to be grounded in the real Hope that God is big, in control, and will one day return to make things as they should be.  Because the end is guaranteed, and because he is with us now, we then can pray and work and seek to live Life on God’s terms–free(r) from the compulsion to have to control the outcome.  THE outcome is already promised!

Anyhow, it’s something you might consider doing.  Grab some friends, get some brownies or broccoli or boxed wine and spend an evening praying together!  Consider even making it a regular thing.  Sue, one of the facilitators of the evening, shared at the close about a revival that broke out in NYC prior to the civil war.  At one point, 50,000 of NYC’s 800,000 citizens had come to faith through these city-wide, lunchtime prayer gatherings.  It was amazing to hear.

We don’t know what God wants to do–but we figure, Hey, there are a lot of single women out there who’d like to get married; colleges run almost 60% to 40% women to men; the evangelical churches are roughly 55% to 45% (and some say as high as 60-40).  So the ratios aren’t great.  But let’s take our passions and our longings and let them serve as fuel for prayer for God to disrupt the status quo and do something new.

After all, why couldn’t it start with us!?

Have a Great Week,

Blessings, Connally

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  1. Joy says:

    I would also be interested in that prayer format. Thanks!

  2. Joy Hancock says:

    Hey Conn, please send me the format you all used… Great idea, I think i can wrestle up a few women to gather together for prayer (many who are likely already on this list).

  3. Tracy says:

    You’re lucky that you have that support during this time. I’ve gotten to the point where I find it hard to make myself go to church anymore because it’s too painful to hear how the ministry in the church for women is motherhood and be around all the young families only to be told that I personally should not be married, I should keep my freedom, I should just be thankful for what I have, find a way to be around kids without having any of my own, etc. etc. It’s hard to have faith that what I want more than anything is possible when no one around me seems to think it is. This blog is the only bright spot in my week. Thanks.

    • fast. pray. says:

      so glad the blog is a bright spot in your week, but will hope for it to be only one of many bright spots! God is for you. i’ll pray for the courage to hold onto Hope to see his provision in the land of the living!

    • Ouch, maybe its time to find a different church. for multiple reasons- (1) encouragement where you can serve and be served (often times married people in the church think singles should jump at the chance to babysit or teach childrens church or make meals for expectant families, yet they think singles need no ministry themselves); (2) ability to go to church without feeling angry – its hard to hear the sermon when you are upset; and (3) it doesn’t sound like your church is a place to meet great single christian men.

      I am in the process of visiting other churches which is hard. I still am going to early service at my church (I grew up at this church and I love it) but I go to later services at other churches to find a church that has biblical teaching and a singles ministry. I pray you find a great church to plug in at!

  4. Gina says:

    I’m in the D.C. area! Wish I’d known about the gathering! 🙂

    • fast. pray. says:

      yes–this was like a casual dry run. but if we do it again, we’ll definitely advertise on the pray/fast site! and don’t be shy about gathering some of your friends up (even if it’s just a handful) and getting folks to pray. i can send you the “form” that we followed in our prayer time if that would help.

  5. Carolyn says:

    Hey ladies (and gentlemen). I am a newly-married almost 37-year-old who never thought she would marry. Found this blog in the middle of the chaos/craziness of being engaged this spring. Have not forgotten the despair and loneliness of seemingly perpetual singleness and I pray that I will always continue to have that tender spot in my heart. Thank you to all who contribute to the ministry of this blog, who let single women and men know they are not alone.

    For about 5 years I have gathered with a group of ladies from my church to pray together for marriages and it has been a huge blessing. It has been awesome, in the big biblical sense of the word, to walk with one another through ups and downs over those years: breakups, weddings, moving, new careers, a baby, etc. Of the original 5, 4 of us are now married, but our group has grown to include others and we are committed to persevering in prayer for friends who are single and for the men in our church. So I just wanted to add another encouragement to pray in a group and to experience the joy of fellowship together.

    • fast. pray. says:

      Thank you! We receive your encouragement whole-heartedly! Your story is a good one (congratulations on your new marriage)–and I so affirm your desire to let that tender spot in your heart remain tender. I also love that you (and your friends) are praying. That’s great! And please pass on the website to any friends to whom it might be an encouragement, as well. Blessings, Connally

  6. Susan says:

    C –
    What a great thing the DC 25 are doing!!

    let us all pray for the faith they will get brewing

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