Four short life instructions

We’re fasting and praying again tomorrow for God to bring about change in us, bring about change in men, and bring about Godly marriages.

A week or two ago a friend posted this quote from Anne Lamott on her blog: “Breathe. Pray. Be kind. Stop grabbing. ” I liked it so much I put it on my fridge, and it has become a meditation:

Breathe: Don’t panic, despair, or get too elated. Try to relax. Your “relational” story’s not over, you can’t predict the future, and God’s in charge.

Pray: See Breathe.  Keep pursuing God. He’s in charge of you and your dating life.  He’s good, and he’s for you.

Be kind: Practice patience, mercy and gentleness. Put others first. Do your best to love, even when you don’t want to.  (The girl who just got engaged, the unwanted suitor….)

Stop grabbing: Even if you have to do it 20 times a day, force your hand open and surrender what you so desperately want over to God.  Marriage is his to give.

I hope you find as much help in this quote as I did!



P.S.: I just got a juicer last week (Crate & Barrel has a really good one for $99) and I have been making carrot juice. It’s awesome! So, if you are drinking juice with your fast, I want to put in a plug for fresh carrot juice….

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5 Responses to Four short life instructions

  1. Anne –

    Thank you for the very honest reminder of WHO our God is and WHAT He wants for us!!

    praying breathing and letting go without fuss

  2. My favorite one is Breathe. (close second is quit grabbing!)

    I recently worried for months over something bad that could have happened but it ended up not happening. Afterwards I was ashamed of myself…all that wasted worry over nothing. What if I get married in a couple years and I realized i spent far too many hours worrying over a fate (no marriage) that NEVER happened…I could have spent that time praying, or growing my faith, or even shopping or watching tv, ha..anything is better than too much worry!

    Thank you yet again. Praying for you ladies!

    • Miss R. says:

      Wasting time over a fate that never happened….excellent point!

    • writinginparenthesis says:

      I read this blog but then came back to it and saw this comment. SO needed to read that tonight. I just finished Connally’s book (and how sweet it is and will be to my heart), but was definitely spending the week worrying.

      My close friends and I always talk about living life with our hands open, palms up. Unclenching our fists and allowing God to both give and take away in His perfect, loving, compassionate timing. Acknowledging that His provision is in both the giving and the taking (even though we don’t always like the last part so much).

      Thank you for the reminder, sweet sister! =)

  3. CJ says:

    Thank you for this – I will be posting this on my mirror. What a wonderful mantra.

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