Not Alone

We are fasting and praying on Mondays for God to give the gift of marriage to those who desire it, work change in men, and work change in us. We’re praying for a fresh wave of God-honoring relationships that lead to God-honoring marriages.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of listening and sharing with a dozen close single Christian girlfriends during a beach weekend set aside to discuss singleness.  We talked about things serious and not-so-serious, ate plenty of snacks, and laughed until our sides hurt.  But the most important thing, despite our different backgrounds, was that we all have a story that reflects God’s faithfulness in our single years.

The themes from that weekend keep echoing through my head, and I think might be food for thought as we fast and pray this week.

First, it is good to be reminded that we are not alone in this singleness journey.  It was good to see talented, successful, beautiful, single Christian women being faithful in the places they’ve been called.  In their stories of unmet longing and God’s amazing faithfulness, I realized that I am not the only one trying to figure out this often-confusing season.  We have been struggling, not with singleness itself, but with the grasping the reality of God’s character when life goes a bit differently than planned.  The fast.pray list is an extended picture of that reality; we are not alone as we walk this road and wait expectantly for Him.

Second, the diverse group of gals reminded me that it is a lie to believe that there is some particular common denominator that translates into an extended season of singleness.  It was a diverse group, demographically, professionally, personally, and spiritually.  The varied stories of God’s faithfulness encouraged me again to remember how He works in mysterious ways, how He loves on such a grand scale, and how His ways are always higher than my ways.

Lastly, I was reminded that it is foolish to attempt this journey of life by ourselves.  Christ didn’t leave us alone: He gave His spirit and He put us in the context of the church.  Married or unmarried, we all need the broken-people-learning-to-love-other-broken-people-community known as the church.   Even when that community might feel too focused on families, or doesn’t meet expectations, it is our spiritual family home.  As those waiting expectantly for an earthly spouse, we should be active participants in the bride of Christ on earth.

As you fast and pray this Monday, remember that you are not alone, and that our great God is accomplishing His purposes!

Blessings, Amy

Amy and her friends at their retreat.

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8 Responses to Not Alone

  1. anonymous says:

    God must have sent me to your site because if there is one weakness I have the most trouble overcoming its that I’m single. I’m ashamed to admit it but its the only thing that keeps compromising my relationship with God. I know I need to stop complaining to Him about not having the man I want – because every time I do, I’m allowing myself to forget that Jesus loved me the most, the deepest and the first….and this is something under no circumstances we can afford to forget.

    I’ll definitely keep reading your blog!

    Thank you and God bless! xoxo

  2. Mary K says:

    Thank you ladies of fast.pray. You do not know what an encouragement you are to me. I cannot count the number of times that I read your post and think “those are the exact sentiments of my heart.” I too, would love to attend a retreat with you all. I have wonderful friends and sisters in Christ, but only one or two that understand this single-longing-to-be-married-trusting-in-the-Lord position that I am in. I pray God will bless you for the encouraging you do.

  3. Lauren Petters says:

    I want to be invited!! I’d love to gather a group of women in Charlotte. Anyone interestes?!!

  4. Miss R says:

    Again…..another posting that seems to say exactly what I needed to hear. God bless you, the bloggers! PS Love the pic.

  5. I realized this past week how lucky I am to have friends who encourage me during this time. Although I have godly parents, they have no idea how hard this time of life is. My mother, especially, is rarely encouraging or understanding — she just thinks i am impatient and it will happen when it happens. The past few weeks I realized that I have spent so much time hoping for my mother to start being understanding that I was not thanking the Lord for the many women in my life who are encouraging in my life. I am lucky, I don’t love singleness – but my version of singleness is not lonely nights in eating ice cream and watching chick flicks (ha at least not most nights) – I have fellowship. Thanks for challenging us to remember that.

    second, is there going to be another retreat? for your blog followers to come to?? 🙂

    • fast. pray. says:

      we are having a one night prayer gathering here in DC for a few of the 20s and 30s aged single, praying women (some on the prayer/fast list; some not). we’ll write about it after it happens and, if it goes well, maybe suggest it as a protoype for folks to do in their own areas. if similar events come together, we’ll see if there’s a way we could promote them through the blog (i.e. if women in charlotte or dallas or san fran or wherever get a critical mass to begin with, we could potentially list it on the blog as a way of advertising to those who do fast/pray but don’t know the others involved who are in their city).

      but all that to say, no big conference or retreat planned anytime soon! as far as we can tell, we are just a grassroots, word of mouth sort of loose network at the moment!

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