Happy Easter! We are feasting today and fasting tomorrow (lunch, all day, or something other than food) for God to give the gift of marriage to those of us who desire it, work change in us, and bring about redemption in men so that they are able to love, serve and commit to a woman in marriage.  We’re praying for God to bring about  thousands of God honoring marriages….

This past Thursday night my Biblestudy watched Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. It was an amazing, gut wrenching, horrible picture of the price Christ paid to give us life in God.  The images have thankfully stayed with me, refreshing my gratitude for what he suffered to set us free.

Today, as we celebrate Easter, I want to encourage us to remember, and embrace, the freedom Christ has bought for us: freedom from shame, freedom from fear, freedom from the death sin brings. He purchased freedom for us from all the idols that wage war to keep us in bondage, idols like marriage, beauty, relationship.

I want to share teaching by Tim Keller on the freedom that Christ gives us, and how to more fully live in it. You can listen to it here.

Christ is Risen!


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3 Responses to Freedom

  1. Julie says:

    Thanks kinldy for the encouraging Easter message. But the link to Tim Keller does not seem to work somehow.

    Best regards in Christ,


  2. Praying that our Lord make men accountable for their actions, strengthening them to walk in His light. . .

    when we women bear so much of the weight it is just not right!!

  3. Fasting for breakfast this morning along with getting my face in prayer very close to the ground…

    reminding myself that He is all around!

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