Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

We are fasting again on Monday for God to work change in us, work change in men, and bring about the awesome-and-challenging change that is marriage for everyone on the list who desires it. Some are fasting all day, some are fasting lunch, some are fasting something other than food. Fast and pray however God leads!

A few weeks ago I was at a conference where the speaker was talking about strategies for dealing with confusing, hard, and overwhelming pain — either yours or someone else’s. She likened the emotional tidal wave that can wash over us to the sensation of being carsick — it comes on you suddenly, you lose your bearings, and you’re completely incapacitated, at least until the wave passes.  And the remedy is similar:  when you get motion sickness, the most helpful cure is to take a deep breath, and then fix your eyes on something that doesn’t move, something solid and firm in the landscape.  That permanent object can help reorient you.  When the wave of pain crashes over us, it’s helpful to get some fresh air, and then fix our eyes on Christ — the immovable, solid, permanent One in our life landscape.  Christ, who does not change, is the One who can give us legs to stand to ride out the tidal wave of pain.  We may not be able to make sense of our circumstances, but He is the “true north” that will lead us back into emotional steadiness.

Lately as I’ve been trying to practice this — fixing my eyes on Christ — I’ve been helped by a book by Bob Hartley, Adoration Prayer Book, which goes through different attributes of God based on scripture passages.  The idea is to take ten or fifteen minutes to meditate on a few of God’s attributes, thanking God and adoring him.  It has helped me spend time simply adoring God for who He is, and who He is for me, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day.  Give it a try — this is what we were made for!

May God give us grace to keep looking at Him,





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One Response to Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

  1. Maria says:

    Thanks for this helpful reminder. 🙂

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